For those who are unaware, on January 1st of 2013, some new provisions went into effect in GA regarding license suspensions for DUI offenses.

One of the primary new provisions deals with permitting those with a 2nd-in-5-years conviction to apply for a limited permit (restricted by an ignition interlock device being placed in their vehicle) after only 120 days, provided other eligibility criteria are met.  In addition to this shortened time-period to obtain the limited permit, the driver would have expanded privileges on where and when he could drive.  So, in addition to the previous permissions regarding work, medical, and other driving permitted before, now the driver will be able to drive to attend treatment or classes.  The idea is that successful completion of treatment and rehabilitation is more important than simply punishment, and that accommodating the driver in getting that help will lead to safer driving conditions in the long run.

Many other provisions changed, including provisions for those under age 21 who have been charged with DUI offenses, and also how prior offenses may be treated in Court.

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