When it's more than "just a quick question"

 Getting more information sooner helps you make stronger decisions moving forward.

Attorney Consulting

Attention, Assessment, Strategy

Get the direct attention and responsiveness required to have your specific questions addressed.

Whether constulting with your attorney remotely or in person, ask the questions that are important to you, show them the documents, and have the time to explain so that your concerns are heard.

When to consider a formal consultation:

If you are faced with a new question, and don’t know where to start, consider consuling with an attorney to assess risks, and develop a plan.

If you are dealing with contracts or other documents, and would like a useful interpretation on how to apply those documents to your specific situation, a consultation would be a good fit.

When you’re considering legal action, but want to evaluate whether the potential costs are justified, a consultation offers a good first step, before incurring unexpected costs.



Have the attorney review your documents, so that their advice is more directly relevant.


Explore different approaches to your issue, and evaluate which solutions might be the best fit.


Weigh the costs and benefits of different approaches, and determine, prior to committing, whether to execute a given strategy.

Unsure about whether a consultation would be helpful?

We get it.  Not every question justifies an in-depth consultation.  Always feel free to contact our office.  If we can help with a quick over-the-phone answer, we’ll be happy to do so.  If we need a little more information, or if your situation requires a little more nuance, we’ll book a consult with you over the phone.


What to expect from your consultation


First you’ll book the consultation through our office at a time that works for you.



Your attorney will review any documents you’ve submitted so that they will be familiar with them by the time of your consultation.

You should have an idea of what your goals are, who the relevant parties are, and a few questions that you want to make sure are addressed.



Your consultation is a direct, two-way conversation to discuss your specific questions, as well as explore different paths to a resolution.